Service & Repair

Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s as well as the LPG Component suppliers recommendations on periodic / routine servicing of your vehicle. As all LPG systems rely on the engines cooling system it is important that the engines cooling systems be maintained in a serviceable condition, including checking the coolant level on a daily / weekly basis. LPG requires a slightly higher firing voltage than petrol, it is recommended that the vehicles ignition system be maintained to a minimum of the vehicle manufacturers specifications.

LP Gas Fuel System Maintenance

For the safe and reliable operation of the LP Gas system fitted to your vehicle always ensure that repairs are carried out in a AAFRB registered workshop by an AAFRB accredited installer. It is recommended that an inspection be carried out on your vehicle’s complete LP Gas system as part of regular servicing or at least annually by a licensed installer. In this annual inspection, the following must be carried out:

  • All the gas systems fuel connections checked for possible leakages.
  • The LP Gas convertor checked for any “residue” content and serviced if required.
  • The fuel container needs to be checked for its date stamp (a fuel container requires re-inspection, replacement of the pressure relief device and re-stamping the test date every 10 years.)
  • The fuel containers attachment requires inspection for looseness and metal fatigue.
  • The LPG cylinders Automatic Fill Limiter should be checked for correct operation.

CLICK HERE to find your nearest AAFRB Registered Business who will be able to provide you with all of you needs in maintaining your LPG system.

Petrol Fuel System Maintenance

As your vehicle will operate mainly on LP Gas, the petrol side of the fuel system will require certain precautions to be adhered to:

  • Never allow the petrol level to fall below a quarter of petrol tanks capacity.
  • Always use a minimum of 10 litres of petrol per fortnight. This will ensure that fresh petrol is always available. A fuel system cleaner (eg FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER) should be added every six months to your petrol fuel system.
  • On a carburettor engine it is recommended that once a fortnight, the engine’s carburettor be filled up with petrol and left standing overnight. This allows petrol to soak into the carburettor’s gaskets and seals.
  • Petrol fuel system components should be checked regularly for serviceability and deterioration of flexible hoses.